Male dysfunction

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It is a problem associated with male sexual performance.
It manifests itself in man, when there is a lack of sexual desire, problems with ejaculation and the inability to experience an erection regularly during sex.
* Stress and lack of sexual knowledge is the common cause of sexual dysfunction in men.
* Treatment of sexual dysfunction often means recognizing that there is a problem and seeking medical help and addressing anxiety, depression, fear or fear of failure, trauma, loss of nerve function and problems associated with diabetes or the use of prescription drugs , as well as the use of antidepressants, alcoholism, drug addiction, aging and natural decline in hormonal activity such as decreased levels of testosterone.
* Sexual dysfunction when it is based on the physical begins gradually and if it has a psychological origin the appearance is sudden, in a specific situation and difficult to control.
This problem is reflected in a conflictive situation in the marriage, or in the couple's relationship, also creates feelings of guilt.
It is suggested to visit the doctor, who will order a blood and urine analysis, as well as a psychological counseling and couple therapy, since a good active motivation "Chemistry", through the Love Hormone (Oxytocin), makes the couple feels more connected and emotionally close; in the case of man, Manly Self-esteem is raised and reflected in an electric response at 100%.
Phenylethylamine (FEA), an amphetamine that secretes the human body is responsible for falling in love and activates the secretion of a neurotransmitter involved in feelings of desire and sexual pleasure.
The brain moved by emotions produces chemical substances that elevates self-esteem and makes the person feel animated, cheerful and vigorous, with energy, without the need to inject or resort to harmful methods. These natural substances that the brain produces, could well be called the 'Drugs of Happiness', because these cascades of emotional reactions are what make a love passion, so it is important to stimulate the 'Love Hormone'.