Premature ejaculation

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It is an ejaculation that occurs before the desired moment or too soon to be able to satisfy the couple during sexual intercourse. The most advisable is to visit a medical professional, urologist or a Sexologist, for a personalized diagnosis and a scientific treatment, premature ejaculation, it is always treatable, even the most serious cases have a solution; the important thing is not to lose your temper and attack the problem quickly, on the contrary, if it evolves in time without treatment this problem tends to become much more difficult to solve and leads to a situation of anxiety and stress that aggravates the problem and makes it more difficult.
Premature ejaculation is not the same for all men, for some it is before penetrating and for others it happens later, whatever the situation affects life; In the mind of a premature ejaculator, there is always something present that affects your mental balance, and is the fact of not being able to satisfy the other person and the continuous failure. You are not the only person in the world who suffers, there are thousands of men and a very high percentage, 75%, that at some stage of his life, he lived. The first thing is to recognize that there is a problem, the second is to know that it will not disappear on its own and the third is to seek to address the problem.
The sexual encounter must occur spontaneously, without pressure of time and within an atmosphere of trust and security, where the freedom of decision is in the couple, this would be a continuous dose treatment since it favors spontaneity and mutual trust, this It is important because many of the sexual fears can be solved as a couple, open communication avoids marital conflicts in the therapeutic process, to achieve a self-control capacity as the exercise of STOPPING AND CONTINUING, with the emotional support and understanding on the part of couple, to achieve the required level of relaxation and sexual gratification, because She will have to support him so that he does not feel alone and without trust: it takes a lot of understanding, LOVE is two people, but man must recognize, accept his problem and freedom from fears, shame, inferiority complex, to achieve self-control and recover self-esteem, it is also recommended Visit with a specialist and talk openly with your partner.