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Welcome to the DURASEX portal, a web domain operated by Karelli Inc, and / or its affiliates ("affiliates"); Who provide all the information and characteristics of their products and services through this site when you visit or when you make purchases in DURASEX. Our commercial operation is regulated by the following terms and conditions.

By using DURASEX, you agree to these terms. Please read carefully.
The privacy policies and terms of use of DURASEX must be read by all users who use the different portals and services of DURASEX before accessing or using them. It is presumed that the user using the service has accepted these terms and conditions; In case you do not agree with them you must refrain from using the services of DURASEX.

We offer a wide range of products in DURASEX. Sometimes we add clauses that may apply. When using a DURASEX service, you will also be subject to the guidelines, terms and agreements applicable to the DURASEX service ("Service Conditions").

DURASEX uses a reliable security system, which means that all your personal information can not be read or captured by third parties while traveling on the network.
The user that uses the services of DURASEX accepts that there are portals, pages, sections, applications or others that could have restricted access, whose entry will be allowed through a user or ID code and password. For this, the user accepts to be solely responsible for the administration of the data and keys of access that owns or acquires in this domain and recognizes and accepts that DURASEX will not be responsible for the use that a third one of the user's password can make, Even when he does so ignorantly or against his will.

It is the responsibility of the user to protect their personal data, so if you access from a public or unreliable place, you must change the login data immediately for your security.

Personal Data will be processed for the development of commercial activities, transactional, for ordering, answer queries about products and services offered, for statistical studies, customer knowledge, to send information about News, products, services and special offers for the development of activities related to computerized services, telephone services, collections or other similar nature, to inform users about changes to this Policy.

DURASEX will be able to collect and register through the DoubleClick cookie and other guideline platforms, as well as data collected through the standard Google Analytics implementation, such as its IP address, time and date of access, among other data, to manage improve the system , Gather global information about who visits the site, perform concurrency checks and validations, know how the site is used and the pages being accessed. Likewise, information about the IP address and / or personal data obtained from different sites may be used to meet the requirements of the authorities or to comply with legal or statutory provisions.
This Policy defines the general guidelines for the protection and treatment of personal data by DURASEX, by virtue of the commitment to ensure the security and proper use of the information of the Holders. In addition, it responds to the fulfillment and the materialization of the international principles and policies that regulate the matter.

If you have any questions about our security and privacy statement or the practices used on this Site, you may contact us by sending an email to

By applying the guiding principles for the processing of personal data, DURASEX will only collect the personal data of the Card Holder that are relevant and suitable for the purpose for which they are required and will not collect personal data without prior, express and informed consent from the Card Holder. Holder, except for the cases provided by law in which it is not necessary to obtain such authorization.

 The authorization for the processing of personal data will be obtained by DURASEX through any of the following mechanisms:
- In writing, through the forms, electronic tools and data messages arranged for the particular cases.
- Orally. Through voice recording.
- By means of unequivocal conduct by the Card Holder, which will allow a reasonable conclusion of his authorization. For example, and not limited to: The purchase of products, the request for the provision of services,